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CE Credits are available in most states and some countries. Not all courses currently qualify for CE Credits under the PACE system. You can see our courses below under the CE Credits tab. We convert more of our courses each month, so please check back regularly.

Dr Alan Creed

Neural Kinetic Integration Technique

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Devi Nambudrip

Allergy Elimination Technique

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Dr Jennifer Brandon

Baby Adjusters


Dr Deed Harrison

Chiropractic BioPhysics

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Dr William Koch

Integrated Advance Technique

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NEW 2023

Dr "Bill" Koch

The Out Island Doc

Hear Dr Koch talk about how to adjust in a new way, protect your body and increase referrals in your practice.

This podcast from”American Chiropractor” talks about Dr Koch’s in-person courses below. His courses are coming to InstantChiro streaming in May!!!!

In Person Chiropractic Seminars

Dr Ted Koren

Koren Specific Technique

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Dr Jeff Rockwell

Soft Tissue Techniques

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Dr Dennis Woggon

Clear Institute


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Dr Eugene Charles

Applied Kinesiology

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Dr "Ric" Wiegand

Access Workshop

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Dr Kurnik DC

Dr. Joe Kurnik taught technique and motion palpation at Cleveland Chiropractic College in LA for 10 years. He has also authored numerous articles for chiropractic journals over the decades.  In addition to his expertise on seated forms of motion palpation – as presented by Drs. Faye and Gillet – Dr. Kurnik was also an expert on specialized forms of prone and supine motion palpation. His knowledge is now passed on through his courses.

Focus On

Dr Solofsky

Find out how to incorporate the Arthrostim® and Vibrocussor® into your practice and start adjusting with great confidence.


  • Normal Structures
  • Abnormal Findings
  • Pre-Post Studies
  • Full-Spine Adjusting
  • Extremity Adjusting
  • Manual Adjusting
  • X-Ray Integration
  • Instrument Adjusting
  • Drop Table
#1 Arthrostim
Special Pricing

The Impac Arthrostim Pro-Comprehensive Kit can be used for nearly all your Chiropractic clinic encounters and for all of the over 20 technique systems that use the Arthrostim. Available on 6 months interest-free. An excellent Chiropractic tool kit for manual instrument assisted adjusting.

4 Year Warranty
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
95% would recommend
Real Toggle Recoil

Toggle is so important to chiropractic. Have toggle on demand for multiple joints and joint collections. See why the Arthrostim uses real toggle unlike competitors "hammer and anvil" mechanism.

Adjust Through Range Of Motion

Do something different today. Adjust through the range of motion and see those wow changes today in your clinic.

20+ Adapters

Over 20 adapters to suit your style, patient and creativity.

#2 Vibracussor
In Stock
Apple Watch
#2 Vibracussor
Special Pricing

The industry leading soft tissue and fascia percussion tool. Used in countless Chiropractic offices to affect the the structures that torsion the joints. This Kit comes with options that will allow you to address the majority of your patients conditions.

4 Year Warranty
97% would recommend
90 Day money Back Guarantee

Deep, controlable percussion.


The Fascia exerts 200lb’s of force on your structure. Affect the reason your adjustments don’t hold

Soft Tissue Master

Work the soft tissues in a more powerful way by using your skills and feel to apply the correction.

Focus On

Dr Lindsey

Find out how to incorporate the Arthrostim® and Vibrocussor® into your practice and start adjusting with great confidence.


  • Pelvic Torsion Technique
  • Occipital Lift
  • Cervial Extension Technique


Dr. Creed changed my life! He gave me FREEDOM from insurance worries and a “lack of patients” mentality. The CONFIDENCE that I can make immediate improvements even in the most difficult cases. The ABILITY to integrate many techniques into one seamless, amazing system of analysis and correction.  We have seen INCREASED INCOME.

After implementing Dr. Creed’s Neural Kinetic Integration Technique I was able to increase my fees by over 150% and be gladly paid for my services with referrals that are going through the roof. I now live A BALANCED LIFE: Thanks to Dr. Creed my kids have their father back and my wife has the husband of her dreams! My old technique had me on the road to a physical breakdown and I was always against instrument adjusting, but this is unlike anything you have ever seen. Dr. Creed will make a believer out of the die hard “by hand only” docs and make adjusting easier on your body for a long, healthy, profitable career.

Dr. Kevin Hay–


I have been testing out the Pelvic Torsion technique on a lot of my clients. While I’m certain I haven’t nailed every step I’ve gotten great results and my clients absolutely love the result.  I have a client say to me ” whatever you did last time had me feeling like I could freak’n jump through the roof”.  His animation made it hilarious while his words were confirmation that this technique is something special! Thank you Dr Paul

Dr Jermaine Ware

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time, and the longer its been, the more impressed I’ve been with my ArthroStim and VibraCussor.  I have found them invaluable for everything from adjusting osseous areas to trigger point work to acupressure stimulation to scar rehabilitation.  In the five years I’ve been using them, I’ve had zero maintenance problems, and I use them all day long.  Thanks for building such great clinical equipment and making my life easier. Please feel free to reprint all or part of this letter as a testimonial, you’ve earned it. Thanks and best wishes.

Dr. Jeffrey Comanor

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