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Dr. Creed was involved in a serious automobile accident when he was 21. He subsequently spent 2 ½ years in and out of hospitals and was forced to wear a full body brace, special support shoes and use a cane to walk.


He remained disabled for 8 years, and then an army buddy intervened. His friend was frustrated by the sight of Alan’s ongoing pain and disability so he drove him to a chiropractor’s office instead of taking him to the hospital again. Medical doctors had warned Dr. Creed that the accident left him vulnerable and any chiropractic treatment could paralyze him for life. Despite his objections, his friend carried him inside and two hours later Dr. Creed walked out carrying his full body brace and cane.


Chiropractic care, and other alternative health treatments, subsequently enabled him to run several marathons in Hawaii. In 1989, Dr. Creed rode his bicycle in the Soviet Union on a US-USSR Friendship Bicycle ride. He then continued on his own, bicycling 18,500 kilometers through Europe & the Middle East. Having personally experienced a Chiropractic miracle, it is not surprising he became a doctor of Chiropractic with a special interest in improving posture and motor dysfunctions.


After 32 years in private practice, Dr. Creed remains dedicated to sharing the gift of renewed life that  he had experienced  through a chiropractic miracle. He also lectures and presents seminars several times a year – where he openly shares his knowledge and experience with other practitioners. Outside of his professional endeavors you will most likely find Dr. Creed pursuing his 2nd passion of sailing.

Hear Dr Lindseys guidance on Dr Creeds videos, including which to start with first and personal recomendations.

Best Sellers

101 Uses Of The Rib Adapter 1 & 2

The ‘rib- adaptor’ a.k.a. ‘T- bar’ , is one of the most popular – and versatile – instrument attachments for the ArthroStim instrument. Even practitioners who own the T-bar are often unaware of just how valuable it can be. Consequently, they (and their clients) frequently miss-out out on some of the most significant benefits this adapter can provide.


Text Neck

‘Text Neck’ a.k.a. forward head carriage is becoming epidemic. At one time this condition primarily affected older individuals but, in today’s world, it is appearing in children at younger and younger ages. The 39 minute Text Neck DVD demonstrates a powerful combination of instrument assisted procedures designed to address forward head carriage.


Unlocking Scoliosis – Fusion – Fixation – Subluxation

For the past twenty years, Dr. Alan Creed has been presenting seminars throughout the United States, Europe and South America and bridging the use of instruments with chiropractic techniques.



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Best Sellers



I get the benefit of going to conferences with Dr Creed. Watching him work is something every Chiropractor Should do.

– Dr Paul Lindsey DC


October 3rd 2020

Seminar With Dr Creed

This program is designed to enhance the doctor’s skill set and confidence in providing a comprehensive treatment protocol. Adjustments are administered in various positions: standing, sitting, supine prone, or in motion. Improved posture and walking as this comprehensive reprogramming of the body’s structural architecture is clearly communicated to the cerebellum via the Alpha I, II, and III neuro-fibers.

This program is designed for those patients who have had surgical procedures as well as those considering it. Including conditions that have festered over the years with chronic pain and organ malfunction, albeit, fatigue, constipation, digestive and emotional factors that they have adapted and adjusted their lives to.

A full body ArthroStim VibraCussor and osseous adjustment will provide strength and vitality to the patient that will enhance their healing process. Structural organ system enhancement for the general well-being of your patient providing a higher quality of healing for the tissues and joints as well as organ flow.

Unique adjusting capabilities that specifically correct TMJ, Shoulder, Hips and correcting foot biomechanics comfortably for the patient; will help correct cervical and lumbar conditions.

                                               Yours in the best of health,

                                                 Dr. Alan Creed


Dr Alan Creed

Dr Alan Creed


Over the past 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Alan Creed’s on going quest has been to enhance his own skills and knowledge, and pass this knowledge on to others. Thousands of doctors have attended Dr. Creed’s seminars to observe, question, and learn from his versatile techniques and application. For the past 20+ years, Dr. Creed has been presenting seminars throughout the United States, Europe and South America. These dedicated professionals all have one goal in mind: becoming the best at what they do by improving their knowledge, skills and demonstrated abilities