Therapy Edge Greatest hits Vol 1+2


How to use the Vibracussor instrument to affect great change in your patients.


IMPAC is pleased to announce a 2 online streaming series by Dr. Jeff Rockwell
demonstrating quick and effective techniques using the Therapy Edge™.

Dr Jeff Rockwell DC

Dr. Jeff Rockwell began his life-long somatic education journey studying Rolf structural integration. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College he went on to specialize in soft tissue dysfunction in private practice.

In 1992, Dr. Rockwell became a professor at Parker University and passionately shared his knowledge and insights with students over the following decade. As a popular instructor, he traveled and taught approximately 40 seminars a year during that period.

In 1997 Jeff experienced severe hip pain for many months that no practitioner was able to help with. A student offered to work on him with the VibraCussor instrument and, in one 15 minute session, he became pain free – and remains so to this day. He was so startled, and grateful, for the results that he immediately obtained a VibraCussor and began integrating in his practice. Since that time, Dr. Rockwell has developed seminars and created online courses showing others how to use the VibraCussor instrument.

Over the years, Dr. Rockwell has been fortunate to study with some truly amazing masters: Janet Travell, Raymond Nimmo, Henri Gillett, Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Thomas Hanna, among others. He now practices in Los Gatos, California and teaches neuromuscular therapy/trigger point therapy at the National Holistic Institute in San Jose. Additionally, he writes a column for “The Chiropractic Journal” and serves on the research committee for the Hanna Somatic Institute in Novato. Dr. Rockwell can be contacted via: