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Do you get amazing results some of the time and other times things just don’t resolve? 
Are you ever uncertain as to which is really the best area to address and which areas would be better off left alone? Have you ever stared at a patient’s/client’s folder and wondered what to do next?


Most practitioners say yes to these questions. Although they produce great results some of the time, oftentimes they don’t. There is a reliable way to produce great results more consistently and it works with most techniques.


The fact is a practitioner’s nervous system processes a significant amount of the information it detects about a patient/client – outside of conscious awareness. This includes valuable information about extremely weak, yet clinically significant changes in a patient’s physiology.


Fortunately, the practitioner’s nervous system innately produces key CAN* responses when it detects these changes. The Access Workshop shows practitioners how to enhance their awareness of these key CAN responses.


This enables a practitioner to consciously experience key reactions/sensations that their nervous system produces when it detects extremely subtle changes in a patient’s physiology. This feedback provides unique clinical insights that conventional methods of assessment cannot provide. These added insights significantly enhance a practitioner’s ability to produce great results more consistently.


      *CAN / central autonomic network responses


White bars are normal, green bars demonstrate a mild increase in activity, blue bars demonstrate a moderate increase in muscular activity, and red bars demonstrate a severe increase in muscular activity. David, age: 51 PRE: Notice the top, left image. The muscles are pulling harder on the left (see all the colored lines sticking out to the left side of the upper left spinal picture), & the top right shows multiple levels of significantly increased muscular activity. POST: Immediately following his adjustment, notice bottom row of images demonstrate that the muscle balance has dramatically improved.


Seminar With Dr Wiegand

2022  Workshops

Soquel, CA – May 21 & 22

The Access Workshop will be presented at The Well Being Center at 5905 Soquel Dr. # 150 in Soquel, CA.
Workshop hours are 8:30 AM – 7 PM on Saturday and 8:30 AM – 2 PM on Sunday.


The workshop fee for a first time practitioner is $695.00. An early registration fee – $595.00 – is available if registration and payment are confirmed by May 6th. The refresher fee for a practitioner is $450.00.

The first time student – and faculty – fee is $350.00. The refresher fee is $295.00

Dr Rick Weigand

Dr Rick Weigand

Dr. Wiegand is a co-founder of the getACCESS! Workshop. The workshop teaches practitioners how to quickly enhance their perception abilities and become aware of significant changes that take place in a patient’s physiology – at the subthreshold level.  This enables practitioners to stop overlooking the most important parts of perception as they work with patients.