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Dr. Wiegand is a co-founder of the getACCESS! Workshop. The workshop teaches practitioners how to quickly enhance their perception abilities and become aware of significant changes that take place in a patient’s physiology – at the subthreshold level.  This enables practitioners to stop overlooking the most important parts of perception as they work with patients.


Enhanced perception abilities can be used with many techniques and they are especially valuable when used with instrument adjusting procedures. The Workshop teaches advanced ArthroStim® instrument  adjusting procedures to qualified practitioners.


For more information about the getACCESS! Workshop, visit: www.AccessWorkshop.com

If you are like most practitioners, you occasionally get gut hunches and/or feel “drawn” to certain areas on a patient for no apparent reason.

Some practitioners rarely experience this but a small percent of practitioners routinely integrate this type of feedback to help produce exceptional results.

What’s behind these experiences? Recent studies show that a practitioner’s central autonomic network/ CAN registers information about a patient that the practitioner is not consciously aware of.

The practitioners CAN assesses the information from a patient to determine is “biological significance”. Then it produces appropriate autonomic responses.

Some practitioners consciously perceive these autonomic responses. As a result, they’re aware of vital clinical insights that most other practitioners miss-out on. These specific insights have proven to be especially valuable in practice.

Consider what it could mean for your practice if you could expand your range of perception and experience vital new insights about your patients.

Essential Assessment provides a proven neuroscience-based method for rapidly developing exceptional perception/assessment skills.

The workshop integrates current advances in perception research with practical hands-on applications. Workshop participants utilize unique training tools to accelerate their learning  curve. This comprehensive approach has helped practitioners to expediently develop this highly valued skill for more than 35 years.

If you’re ready to take your assessment skills to a new level and experience the advantages that Exceptional Assessment can help you make that happen.


Is Essential Assessment a Good Fit for Your Practice?


This workshop is for practitioners who want to get access to more of the information, and insights, their nervous (system)?? is detecting about their patients.


They recognize the fact that their nervous system innately detects subtle yet significant changes in a patients physiology that they are not aware of.


They want a practical, proven way to enhance their awareness of the subtle information – so they can make use of these insights for everyone’s benefit.



Workshop participation is limited.

Early registration is recommended.


Contact: [email protected] for further information and to register


Facilitated Perception™ Provides Better Insights!

The truth of the matter is that your nervous system innately detects many more insights about a patient’s physiology than you can consciously experience in a given amount of time. This includes significant, but exceptionally subtle, distinctions between a subluxation and compensations.

In the past, only small numbers of ‘gifted’ practitioners successfully figured-out how to cultivate an awareness of these significant subtle insights. Times have changed. Today, the Access Workshop makes it possible for most practitioners to quickly learn how to develop an awareness of these high-value insights.

A central feature of the workshop is Facilitated Perception™ training. Facilitated perception heightens a practitioner’s awareness of extremely weak, ‘biologically significant’ stimuli. Workshop participants will have the advantage of working with a remarkable training device –  the Alert Response Training Tool – to help jump-start Facilitated Perception™ skills. The Access Workshop embodies the latest advances in perception research to enable participants to take advantage of a richer, more comprehensive, assessment experience.


New scientific discovery helps you learn closely guarded secrets

of exceptional healers…by Monday morning!


First things first. You don’t run your nervous system. It runs you. It knows much more about your physiology than you do. It also knows much more about your patients physiology than you do. Your nervous system processes massive amounts of information outside of your awareness (if it didn’t you would be awash in input and go mad). And, while this keeps you from being overwhelmed, it also keeps you from being aware of vital information that your nervous system is detecting about your patient. How valuable is this innate information to your success? It’s a game changer.

Imagine just looking at someone and immediately “sensing” specific areas that need to be addressed. How much easier would this make your work? Further imagine how this information would profoundly increase the effectiveness of your care…consider how your practice would benefit if you could sense how your patients nervous system responded to the slightest change in the pressure, depth, line of drive or point of contact that you applied, as you were applying it…real time? This would completely eliminate the uncertainty and guesswork in adjusting your patients. It would also enable you to take the specificity of your care to a whole new level, consistently producing better results, with less effort. A small percent of exceptional healers have always been able to do this, but had no way of explaining or teaching this “knack”…until now.

Recent neuroscientific research has made significant new discoveries about how ‘innate’ perception operates far beyond conventional 5-sense perception. It is now possible to extend your perception beyond (just) your standard 5 senses and gain ACCESS to this innate source of information. The ACCESS Workshop teaches a reproducible, science based method for enhanced perception —to enable you to perceive and utilize, important information about your patients, that your nervous system is already detecting, but processing outside of your ‘standard’ 5 sense awareness.

Are you making the single BIGGEST mistake doctors make trying to develop the ‘knack’? This one mistake, by itself, wastes more time, effort and dollars than almost all other mistakes combined! Unfortunately, this well intentioned, but misguided approach (relying more on your standard, but limited, 5 senses) seems like it should be the most effective method…which makes it so insidious and the reason why doctors keep making this same mistake over and over again – despite repeated failures. Most doctors never suspect that this faulty approach is responsible for causing their lack of success. Instead they blame themselves and mistakenly believe that they aren’t able to develop this valuable skill set. Visit www.AccessWorkshop.com now to attend the upcoming ACCESS Workshop and save yourself the wasted effort, time and dollars. Although expensive equipment is NOT required to apply the ACCESS approach, below are before and after care evaluations to demonstrate to you the significant and immediate changes taking place due to the extreme specificity that ACCESS allows.

Pre (Above) and Post (Below) Treatment  sEMG Evaluation

When instrumentation was the best method in Chiropractic of monitoring nervous system dysregulation, The ACCESS Method consistently produced pre and post sEMG and thermal evaluations of this dramatic nature. The ACCESS Method doesn’t rely on sEMG or thermal evaluations, they are used here as external validation of what The ACCESS Method is able to accomplish. Specificity doesn’t lie in the Chiropractor’s adjustment…it relies in the patients nervous systems’ response TO the adjustment. Without monitoring to know, many Chiropractors produce an increase in neural stress with blind spinal manipulation. The ACCESS Method can significantly increase your results, on more challenging cases, in shorter time, resulting in more satisfied patients… who refer like crazy!

White bars are normal, green bars demonstrate a mild increase in activity, blue bars demonstrate a moderate increase in muscular activity, and red bars demonstrate a severe increase in muscular activity. David, age: 51 PRE: Notice the top, left image. The muscles are pulling harder on the left (see all the colored lines sticking out to the left side of the upper left spinal picture), & the top right shows multiple levels of significantly increased muscular activity. POST: Immediately following his adjustment, notice bottom row of images demonstrate that the muscle balance has dramatically improved.

Pre Paraspinal Thermal Evaluation
Immediate Post Paraspinal Thermal Evaluation

Notice the significant decrease in left/right differential, and the general warming of the entire spine, indicating better neural balance…immediately following his neurospinal alignment. This was a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy who had seizures and other health issues. His health picture dramatically improved following this one neuro-spinal alignment. The cases presented here are not our best of the best…these are our consistent results, randomly chosen.

Even though x-ray analysis is not a part of the ACCESS Method, we have a long history of consistent and dramatic pre and post x-ray normalization. During the 1980’s and 1990’s when this was THE benchmark of successful care, ACCESS was there, leading the way. While there is not room here to discuss how we consistently achieve these results, the process will be thoroughly discussed during the live workshop. In a nutshell, we specifically locate the point(s) of interference, apply our input, which calms the nervous system, which balances the muscles, and the bones re-align themselves.

When video fluoroscopy was introduced into Chiropractic in the late 1980’s (by the co-founder of The ACCESS Method), it allowed the bone out of place model to be fully explored, in real time, and although not part of, nor required for The ACCESS Method, we were there leading the way. And, since we are not able to show motion x-ray in this venue (although real time neuro-spinal alignment under video fluoroscopy is posted on our website), here we provide lateral neutral, flexion and extension pre and post films of the same patient, before and after 2 months of care ( 8 neuro-spinal alignments).

Through each new phase of Chiropractic over the last 30+ years, ACCESS either quietly lead the way, or greatly influenced those who did. The ACCESS Method introduced EEG and other physiologic monitoring to Chiropractic in 1995. Below are just a few of our studies…

EEG of a patient WHILE being adjusted. Notice the drop in the red (fast brainwaves) and the increase in yellow/green (slower, healing brain waves) during a specific neuro-spinal alignment of this patients sacrum using The ACCESS Method. Note: sacrum changed the brain (EEG)…it’s about the nervous system, NOT about the bones.

This EEG was performed by 2 different doctors, working on the SAME patient, minutes apart. 1=Dr. #1 adjusted patient. Notice no significant change. 2=patient rested on table for 5 mins. Still no change. 3=Dr. #2, using The ACCESS Method to specifically locate the contact point and adjusted, very near, but with different force and vector from Dr. #1. Notice the drop in fast (red) and rise in slower healing brainwaves. ACCESS = Dramatic difference in patient outcomes!

A common misconception that doctors make is to assume that EVERY thrust produces these changes. This example looks at EEG, EMG, SCL, Heart Rate & Skin Temperature. 2 different doctors evaluated & both agreed on where to adjust. It was technically a very good thrust (marked by the gold arrows). However, there is an INCREASE in fast brainwaves, INCREASE in muscle tension, INCREASE in skin conductance and heart rate & a dramatic DECREASE in skin temperature with a sizeable split left/right. All signs of fight/flight, with no normalization following the thrust, so technically is was a manipulation, not an adjustment, and the patient reported immediate pain at the site of thrust. The gold arrow with an A= ACCESS analysis, doctor #3 took a contact point within a dimes width of where the other 2 doctors were, with a different line of drive and depth which immediately stopped the pain, and began to improve the hand temperature (the pre-timed program session ended before we finished, thus the graph cut off). ACCESS= Dramatic results= stay, pay and refer!

EEG's And ACCESS Protocols

The two EEG’s to the left demonstrate what occurs INSIDE THE DOCTOR while using ACCESS to sense for dysfunctional spinal areas. There are 2 images in each picture, because we were monitoring the left and right sides of their brains. Arrow #1 is the doctors brain while over a non-dysfunctional spinal area. Arrow #2 is the same doctors brain moments later when locating the dysfunctional spinal area. ACCESS= specific & duplicable!


Seminar With Dr Wiegand

2022  Workshops

Soquel, CA – May 21 & 22

The Access Workshop will be presented at The Well Being Center at 5905 Soquel Dr. # 150 in Soquel, CA.
Workshop hours are 8:30 AM – 7 PM on Saturday and 8:30 AM – 2 PM on Sunday.


The workshop fee for a first time practitioner is $695.00. An early registration fee – $595.00 – is available if registration and payment are confirmed by May 6th. The refresher fee for a practitioner is $450.00.

The first time student – and faculty – fee is $350.00. The refresher fee is $295.00

Dr Rick Weigand

Dr Rick Weigand

Dr. Wiegand is a co-founder of the getACCESS! Workshop. The workshop teaches practitioners how to quickly enhance their perception abilities and become aware of significant changes that take place in a patient’s physiology – at the subthreshold level.  This enables practitioners to stop overlooking the most important parts of perception as they work with patients.