Dr. Billy D

Thanks to Dr. Billy D for the time and effort to put this video to show the ArthroStim in action with newborn and children. Newborn and children are not too young for a spinal exam or for adjusting. Children do like to be adjusted. The Arthrostim Instrument is the most effective and comfortable tool for creating valuable input in this area.

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Dr. Goldberg

The ArthroStim is an incredible machine for upper cervical as well as full spine work. I have a VibraCussor that I bought at a seminar- very fast, penetrating relief, different than any other massager or vibrator. The video was especially helpful.

Dr. Kevin Hay

Dr. Creed changed my life! He gave me FREEDOM from insurance worries and a “lack of patients” mentality. The CONFIDENCE that I can make immediate improvements even in the most difficult cases. The ABILITY to integrate many techniques into one seamless, amazing system of analysis and correction.  We have seen INCREASED INCOME.

After implementing Dr. Creed’s Neural Kinetic Integration Technique I was able to increase my fees by over 150% and be gladly paid for my services with referrals that are going through the roof. I now live A BALANCED LIFE: Thanks to Dr. Creed my kids have their father back and my wife has the husband of her dreams! My old technique had me on the road to a physical breakdown and I was always against instrument adjusting, but this is unlike anything you have ever seen. Dr. Creed will make a believer out of the die hard “by hand only” docs and make adjusting easier on your body for a long, healthy, profitable career.

Dr. Gary Arthur

Dr. Gary Arthur of Health In Balance In Laguna Beach, CA. demonstrates how to use the ArthroStim. Dr. Gary has worked with numerous professional and Olympic athletes.  He has worked as the sports doctor for the Women’s Professional Volleyball Association.

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Dr. Joseph Stynchula

You will have to shoot me to get it. I’m not selling my Therapy Edge at any price. You made my life so much easier. Additionally nothing gets rid of trigger points like the Therapy Edge and I have been looking…. Three to five treatments compared to one now, and I’ve been doing soft tissue for years. Edges 1 and 4 are my favorites!

Dr. Jeffrey Comanor

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time, and the longer its been, the more impressed I’ve been with my ArthroStim and VibraCussor.  I have found them invaluable for everything from adjusting osseous areas to trigger point work to acupressure stimulation to scar rehabilitation.  In the five years I’ve been using them, I’ve had zero maintenance problems, and I use them all day long.  Thanks for building such great clinical equipment and making my life easier. Please feel free to reprint all or part of this letter as a testimonial, you’ve earned it. Thanks and best wishes.

Dr. S.G.

It (the ArthroStim®) is an incredible machine for atlas/orthogonal work.

Dr. Mark Wogahn

Your instrument is awesome. It has been so affective on scar tissue. My patients are wanting it all the time.

Leon Shanahan, Australia

I have been using the AccuStim® for one week now. The results are nothing but beyond belief, outstanding. After 27 years of Toftness®- Activator® combination with the Palmer Diversified this is the pinnacle of Chiropractic care. The 12 thrust/ second very light contact is nothing short of a miracle. No more toggle, crunching, or Activator® for me.  P.S. The patients love it more than I do- can’t mess with that. I can’t believe how well they received it.

Dr. Mike Soucy

I used an ArthroStim for about 9 years prior to learning KST. I loved it before KST and I love it even more after. It has been very reliable and versatile. I recommend them no matter what technique you use.

Dr. Scott Hannen

In this video, Dr. Scott demonstrates the use of ArthroStim in treating:

– Severe shoulder pain and restricted movement.

– Lower back and hip pain.

– Shoulder, knee and lower back pain.

– Severe pain and restricted range of motion.

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Dr. Steiner

As a new student starting my first day with the VibraCussor and ArthroStim, these were miracles from the start. I ordered my second set within two weeks of practice. What a blessing to start my practice right on target… My husband steals my instruments all too often.

Dr. D. P.

I adjust in motion with a Leander table; I put my fingers on the spinous process. There is no motion of the spinous process, then I use the ArthroStim® and the motion comes back. I love it.

Dr. Dennis Woggon

I really appreciate your help and willingness to work with me is why the ArthroStim is the only adjusting instrument that I recommend. Thank you for your assistance! In the last 4 weeks, I’ve had 3 scoliosis patients go back to their orthopedic surgeons and the surgeon canceled the scoliosis surgery because their scoliosis was “stable and better”. In the near future, bracing and surgery for scoliosis will be obsolete and you are a big contributor to making that happen! Thank YOU!

Kris Nambudripad, MS L.Ac

I wish I had found the ArthroStim fifteen years ago. My hands would have been happier. But better late then never!

Thanks to Dr. Karl Aamot for bringing ArthroStims into our office (the White Office). Sincere appreciation to Ed Miller for taking time to perfect it to fit with our NAET needs.

Dr. A.F.

In just three days it exceeded my expectations. Each patient is different. I can articulate any adjustment with verified results using electronic meridian imagery. I use instrument flush to perceive change. I also use it on Acupuncture points. I have phenomenal results. If a “straight” chiropractor said he could solve stomach problems people would reject it,  but not with an acupuncture background.

Wholistic Health Solutions Staff

The VibraCussor by IMPAC Inc. has proven to be the best instrument of its kind that is, we have seen nothing better in the entire field, and at a very reasonable price. It provides an excellent way for a practitioner to “leverage to the max” their quality time with the client, while at the same time minimizing the “wear and tear” to their own body.

The number of applications is seemingly endless because of the many adaptors, and various calibrations, that come with the device. The entire unit is obviously built to last a long time, so one not be concerned about any product down time or invoking the warranty.

The versatility of the VibraCussor is particularly impressive. Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, or any other Bodyworker would be well served by adding this modality to their repertoire. It will enable them to greatly facilitate the healing process for many, thereby significantly contributing to client satisfaction because of the extraordinary results.

The training program and technical service provided by IMPAC are exceptional by any standards, and will guarantee that any practitioner will be well trained, and well equipped, to properly employ the device in any circumstances. The entire company goes way beyond what any customer would ordinarily expect regarding any issues or challenges that might arise.

J.C. Therapist

The majority of my clients are runners, athletes and people that want Deep Tissue Massage.  I quickly learned that if I was going to continue in this field I would have to work smart and find a way to save my hands and body. My chiropractor used your VibraCussor® one time to treat me and I was sold. The superior quality of your VibraCussor® stood out when compared with your competitor’s model and I ordered one the next day… This is the best investment I have made for my practice. IF I had to give up everything and I have a lot of things in my office, the very last thing I would give up is my VibraCussor®.