CE Credit Chiropractic Course

Principles 2 Adjusting

Dr Paul Lindsey Chiropractic Instrument Technique Instructor For the Arthrostim Chiropractic Instrument

IMPAC Inc (the course provider) is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.

What Does It Cover

Learn How To Diagnose And Treat Pelvic Torsion


  • X-Ray Analysis
  • Instrument uses
  • Manual and instrument adjustment for the whole body
  • Whole body analysis

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand the process of radiographic analysis
  • Understand the process of taking X-rays
  • Understand the use of radiographic lines of analysis
  • Learn how to use toggle adjustment instruments
  • Learn how to use toggle percussion instruments
  • Learn how to adjust the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic regions
  • Learn how to adjust the extremities
  • Learn how to deliver soft tissue corrections

Course Information

The course small print:

Prerequisites: The person taking the course would need to be a registered Chiropractor in the area where they are working 


  • Dr Brian Solofsky DC – Instructor At IMPAC Inc
  • Multiple Seminars Facilitated

Credit Hours

  • The course duration with practicals is 14 hours

Teaching Methods

  • Lessons are taught through the medium of video
  • 183 page manual
  • Recording of a live seminar with demonstrations

Equipment needed

  • Ideally, the candidate will have access to an Arthrostim and a vibrocussor instrument, although techniques are shown that can work suboptimally without the equipment. 
  • A computer, modern smartphone or tablet is required to view the course

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$299CE Credits*



Part 1

Introduction, Foundation, Cervical and Thoracic adjusting with manual, Vibracussor and Arthrostim instrument adjusting. 3 Hours of video


Part 2

Learn how the patients emotions, words and personality types can affect their bodies and how we can treat them. 3 Hours of video


Part 3

Learn radiograph reading, how to do Re-Exams. Also learn how to use the Vibracussor to adjust the Pelvis, Sinuses and lots more. 3 Hours of video


Part 4

The outro of the course with finishing details. It also goes into detail on the cervical distraction adjustment and the full manual for the course


CE Credit

CE Credits are not guaranteed as they require all parts of the course to be purchased, studied and passing marks achieved in tests of each section of learning.

** CE Credits are available only if the full course or all 4 parts of the course AND the CE credit module at the end are purchased. CE Credits depend on state/country. please consult with your local authority. USA can check here for a rough guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration - How Do I register?

Online Registration and immediate participation with streaming is available as soon as you purchase the course.

Refund Policy?

If the course does not live up to expectations we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Commercial Relationships?

Dr Paul Lindsey DC has a commercial interest in IMPAC Inc the makers of the Arthrostim.

*CE Credits

CE Credits are not guaranteed as they require all parts of the course to be studied and passing marks in tests of each section of learning. They are also state or country dependant so please check with your local authority. USA state guide here.

**CE Credits For Part Courses

If you purchase part of a course, then CE Credits can only be applied for after purchasing all parts of the course and the CE credit module at the end. An end of course test also needs to be completed. All other requirements for CE Credits* also needs to be met.