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Dr. Tedd Koren is a world-renown Doctor of Chiropractic, lecturer, writer and teacher. He is the developer of the revolutionary Koren Specific Technique.  He has trained over 3,000 students in a dozen countries on 5 different continents; his work has spread to the far corners of the planet.

 He has been a contributor to nearly every chiropractic publication.

His students work with high achievers, athletes, public figures and even well known celebrities.

 Early in his life, an injury nearly prevented him from walking and even functioning as a productive member of society.

Frustrated with the options he was given by the top professionals at the time, he set out to find an alternative solution.

He would go on to discover what would come-to-be known as KST.

Propelled by his desire to help and heal others, he quickly became recognized for taking on the most difficult cases, the ones that people didn’t want. And to many people’s surprise he was able to achieve miraculous results in relatively short time frames, through KST.

Dr. Tedd Koren is a TRUE hero in the chiropractic community.  He risked it all to go head to head against the powerful Federal Trade Commission (FTC)… And he won.  This monumental win was a huge stepping-stone for chiropractic and natural healing in the US – and the world.

Dr. Koren is going to share some powerful information, recent discoveries and breakthroughs that could possibly change your life, if you’ll permit it.

For more info and to register:  www.korenspecifictechnique.com or call 800-537-3001

Parts of Dr. Tedd interviews

with The American Chiropractor.com


TAC: How is the KST done?

Koren: It’s rather simple: Challenge, Check and Correct.

1- Challenge any part of the body.

2- Check to see if the challenge caused an occipital/mastoid drop, and

3- Correct (adjust). Any instrument (or even thumb toggle) can work, but

I think the ArthroStim® gets the best results.

TAC: How did you develop your technique?

Koren: By accident. I was suffering from sciatica; my wife suffered from migraines. No Chiropractic technique, acupuncture or craniosacral therapy gave lasting correction. Alan Creed, D. C., introduced me to the ArthroStim® adjusting instrument. I added concepts from Stressology (Ward) and DNFT (Van Rumpt and some of my own insights with the ArthroStim®. My 30-year sciatica resolved in a few weeks and my wife’s migraines disappeared after one adjustment for 6 weeks-something I had never seen before.

“Six month old boy with upper GI problems, blood in stool, inconsolable crying, etc., has been through the medical ringer with DX testing, meds and discussing surgery. The ‘at her wits end’ mother brought him in as a last resort. I found some mid and lower thoracics as well as sacrum and adjusted him with the ArthroStim®. The child hasn’t had any sympotoms since his first adjustment. I checked him yesterday and today and he only needed one to two thoracics adjusted “Rick Mabanta, D.C.

Koren: Got a call from someone who sounded terrible.

“Doctor Koren, I am in agony. A few days ago I was out golfing with my family and something went out in my back. I have been in bed for days. Can you do anything for me?

Koren: “Can you come over to my office?”

Patient: “I can’t get out of bed. I can’t move. Can you come here?”

Koren: “Of course” I got his address, picked up my ArthroStim® adjusting instrument and was off…I adjusted the discs and vertebra. He was still in a lot of pain. The next day, as I entered the bedroom, he sat up in bed. He was able to move without too much pain.

The following day, he drove in by himself. After a few more days he was pain free.

Abner was about 75 years old with a long white beard. He was alert and pleasant but, under his smile, I could see his concern…The adjustment were performed quickly and easily. There was no twisting or cracking, I just gently touched the ArthroStim®…After the adjustment, he made an announcement to all of us. “Look, I can now lift my right leg”

They like KST (Koren Specific Technique) and, as long as I can hook up a generator or inverter to my ArthroStim® adjusting instrument I can work on them.

Best Sellers

The discovery of Koren Specific Technique

 Published on Nov 8, 2012Tedd Koren, D.C. in an audience recorded talk discussing the discovery and health benefits he realized after working on himself to try to resolve his severe pain from old injuries.

Jens Korgaard, DC provides natural allergy relief using KST

An interview with Tedd Koren DC the founder of Koren Specific Technique or KST, also known as Koren KST, a protocol used by many health practitioners, including chiropractors, MDs, massage therapists and osteopaths. In late 2003, as a result of research and clinical experimentation, Dr. Koren developed a new form of patient care. When used as a chiropractic technique patients can be more thoroughly analyzed than ever before, with the adjustments holding for longer periods of time. Additionally the doctor/practitioner can adjust him/herself.

KST Home Study Course

The KST Home Study course includes a comprehensive technique manual; online tutorials; a personal KST mentor; access to the graduate forum and a discount for a live KST refresher course. Visit the KST Website (above) for a complete description of what is included.

$995.00 for KST Home Study Course


Seminars may be filled and closed.  Practitioners should confirm seminar status with instructors before making arrangements.

Dr. Koren’s  Seminar Dates:

Feb 28th – Mar 1st, 2020

Orlando, FL


Mar 20th – 22nd, 2020

Chicago, IL


Apr 3rd – 5th, 2020

London, UK


May 1st – 3rd, 2020

Philadelphia, PA


Sep 11th – 13th, 2020

Atlanta, GA


Oct 2nd – 4th, 2020

Las Vegas, NV


Nov 6th – 8th, 2020

Philadelphia, PA


Dec 11th – 13th, 2020

Portland, OR

What will you learn at a KST seminar?


1. The philosophical foundation for vitalistic care and how to apply   it using a protocol that is in harmony with chiropractic principles.

2. A unique and specific analysis procedure using the occipital drop (OD) that quickly locates priority subluxations.

3. The proper order in which to adjust subluxations.

4. The posture of subluxation (POS) and its connection to effective care.

5. Cranial adjusting, disc correction and extremity care.

6. How to adjust for dyslexia, musculoskeletal problems, addictions, phobias, emotional stress, bad habits, scars, dropped organs, learning disorders, allergies, and other mind/body and physiological problems.

7. How both dental health and dehydration affect overall health and their relevance for each patient.

8. How often patients should be seen.

9. How to adjust yourself.

10. How to free yourself from the “tyranny of the table.” 

11. How to locate hidden subluxations quickly and easily.

12. How to ask the most useful questions to discover the deepest subluxations that are preventing or interfering with healing.

13. How to give a great adjustment and excellent care without damaging your body and your health.

14. How to enhance your own health and productivity by addressing physical, emotional and financial blockages.

“This stuff is for real!”

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Ellen Wolk, DC

“It’s so great for sleep stuff, TMJ, headaches, earaches, extremities and on and on. People who had absolutely no belief in it have been astounded by the results.”
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Kevin Ross, DC

“This stuff is SOOOO fun to use! I went to a seminar and did not just get a new tool, I got the whole hardware store!”
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Rick Schwartz, DC

“Monday morning, I started doing KST. Patients love it! Patients told my front desk person how well they liked ‘the new method’. One patient even stopped by the office a few days later to say she hasn't felt this good in years. It’s great to be so … specific.”
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Jean Lafitte, DC

"I have been in practice for 15 years and have seen some amazing things, but nothing as amazing as KST. The day after the seminar I started using KST on all my patients. As a result, I have more patients and the best part, my hands thank me for it.”
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Tom Close, DC

“Just had my busiest day in months. This stuff is for real.”
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• Help more people – especially those who have plateaued or you failed with

• Save your body from the trauma of manual adjusting – leave the office with more energy and without pain

• Improve your financial picture

• Have more fun practicing

• Be healthier – adjust yourself specifically

Unleash The Power You Have

There are occasional breakthroughs in a profession – KST is one of them. Using chiropractic’s Empirical philosophy as its guide it has exploded on the scene and is transforming practices and lives all over the world.

 Practice is exciting and fun again with KST. It expands chiropractic and your potential as a healer like no other system.

With all the techniques I have taken over the years – KST really sums it all up in one! Kids love KST as much as the adults! Some adults were skeptical – those are my favorite ones! People are really hooked on it! I now have patients coming from out of state!

Kelly Chwojdak, DC

I’m having more fun in my practice than I would have believed possible only a few short years ago. I wake up curious and I’m never disappointed.

Donna-Grace Noyes, DC

Too many chiropractors are mimicking the medical model and becoming a drug-free pain therapy. Some DCs actually want to add drug use to chiropractic.


As a vitalistic healing system chiropractic is expressive – its goal is to remove interference (thoughts, trauma and toxins) and rebalance the patient so they may function at their full potential. Retracing (natural detoxification) is often seen; an essential part of deep healing.

Medicine largely suppresses symptoms with drugs, driving dis-ease and toxicity deeper turning acute symptoms into chronic diseases.  For that reason retracing is largely unknown in medical practice.

I was seriously thinking about becoming a medical doctor. I was reborn as a healer after your seminar. You changed my way of viewing chiropractic. Thank you so much for the best seminar I’ve ever had in my life and thank you for saving my career.

Jason Lee, DC


Patient with a 12-year insomnia problem slept through the next two nights. She was blown away (so was I). My receptionist could not run for years without pain. One KST adjustment she was able to run a couple of miles pain-free.

Jeffrey S. Haskel, DC

Join Us – Learn KST

Using KST you will be able to locate and address the 3 Ts of DD Palmer that cause dis-ease – thoughts, trauma and toxins – and live up to the full potential of chiropractic.

• Discover subluxations/blockages/dis-ease you’ve always missed

• Work on yourself – experience wonderful healing and learning

• Home study program also available

One live KST seminar (or home study) is equal to over a score of

regular seminars because you can apply KST in so many ways:

• Subluxation correction

• Extremities, sternum, hyoid, xiphoid

• Cranial system correction

• Meningeal care

• Self-adjusting

• Posture of subluxation (POS)

• Dyslexia, reading and vision

• ‘Hump” and posture

• Sports (golf, tennis, bowling, etc.)

• Disc corrections

 • Accidents and trauma

• Allergies

• Toxicity

• Nutrition

• Locate dental issues

• Emotional stress

• Care in pregnancy, infancy

• Elderly care

• Animal adjusting

• And much, much more – the possibilities are endless.

1. Self-care. That is how I discovered KST. I suffered for 10 years from severe neck, arm, hand, wrist and shoulder pain that disappeared after one week using KST. Also, my 30-year sciatica, disc and lumbosacral problems cleared out after six weeks. With KST you’ll be able to analyze and correct yourself specifically for the rest of your life.

2. POS (Posture of Subluxation). Who gets subluxated lying face down on a table? So why do we insist on putting people in that position? One of the discoveries of KST is that as we move and think our body reflects subluxations/distortions/interferences. They are all posture (or state) dependent. Subluxations are sneaky things–they can come and go with your posture, motion and emotions! When we put people in the POS, subluxations that couldn’t be corrected are more easily located and corrected.

3. Order of correction. A person may have many subluxations but which are the major ones and which are the minor ones? Which should be corrected first? Second? Third? Yes, it does make a difference.

People are like artichokes; they have many layers. When you peel back the layers, you get to the heart.

4. Moving corrections. Some of the most powerful healing occur when people are analyzed and corrected as they are moving. This is especially useful with athletes who need peak performance, as well as dancers and people who have been injured as they were moving. You can locate and correct problems as people move with KST.

5. Knowing when to stop. Over-correcting can hurt patients and interfere with healing. Sometimes the best thing we can do for a patient is to wait.

6. Low force. I know too many doctors who have had surgery or had their careers ended early because of the stress from manual adjusting. With KST you’ll save your arms, shoulders and hands and add years to your productive practice life. How much is that worth?

7. No cracking, popping, twisting. For every patient who loves a “good crack” twenty are staying away. Yes, some patients (and practitioners) are addicted to crack but they are a minority.

8. Better care and better results. You’ll be fulfilling your role as a healer, being the practitioner you always wanted to be and seeing the miracles in your practice you always wanted to see.

9. For a limited time, take advantage of my special offer on this Special KST Complete Program. Special pricing for a limited time! $6177 worth of incredible information and materials that I am giving away to a limited number of new KST students who want to take their practice to new heights. Scroll down to view the complete package. LOCK in the 2016 price & SAVE $100! New pricing will be effective January 16 2017.


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Dr Koren really is a trailblazer in the profession, every Chiropractor should see him once

– Dr Paul Lindsey DC