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Dr. Jeff Rockwell began his life-long somatic education journey studying Rolf structural integration. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College he went on to specialize in soft tissue dysfunction in private practice.

In 1992, Dr. Rockwell became a professor at Parker University and passionately shared his knowledge and insights with students over the following decade. As a popular instructor, he traveled and taught approximately 40 seminars a year during that period.

In 1997 Jeff experienced severe hip pain for many months that no practitioner was able to help with. A student offered to work on him with the VibraCussor instrument and, in one 15 minute session, he became pain free – and remains so to this day. He was so startled, and grateful, for the results that he immediately obtained a VibraCussor and began integrating in his practice. Since that time, Dr. Rockwell has developed seminars and created DVDs showing others how to use the VibraCussor instrument.

Over the years, Dr. Rockwell has been fortunate to study with some truly amazing masters: Janet Travell, Raymond Nimmo, Henri Gillett, Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Thomas Hanna, among others.  He now practices in Los Gatos, California and teaches neuromuscular therapy/trigger point therapy at the National Holistic Institute in San Jose. Additionally, he writes a column for “The Chiropractic Journal” and serves on the research committee for the Hanna Somatic Institute in Novato.  Dr. Rockwell can be contacted via:

Best Sellers

3 Easy Steps Vibracussor Series


Dr.  Rockwell demonstrates how to go about resolving common musculo-skeletal complaints with the the VibraCussor instrument. This series is considered to be the ‘foundational’ set of DVDs for the VibraCussor.150

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $55.00.

Scar Tissue Release


The Scar Tissue Release DVD was created in response to many practitioners request for Dr. Rockwell to teach his unique, and highly effective, method of treating surgical scars (and other types of scar tissue).

Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $30.00.

An Instrument-Assisted Approach to Soft Tissue Injury and Pain


An Instrument-Assisted Approach to Soft Tissue Injury and Pain, provide practitioners with step by step instructions outlining assessment and treatment protocols of the Fulford approach. Powerfully subtle techniques such as the use of a ‘listening hand’, and using a VibraCussor® instrument to build up energy in the tissues and release energy blockages, are explored in depth. This is the most readily accessible compilation of Dr. Fulford’s work that has been produced to date.

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $42.00.


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Best Sellers



I get the benefit of going to conferences with Dr Creed. Watching him work is something every Chiropractor Should do.

– Dr Paul Lindsey DC


Sat/Sun December 14th & 15th 9-6pm

Seminar With Dr Rockwell


1)  Learn to approach your practice, and your clients, with a neurological mindset.

2)  Learn to become a scholar-practitioner (it is sexier than it sounds)

3)  Learn how to work with your clients’ critter brain and their human brain

4)  Learn the client’s role in manual therapy

5)  Learn basic and advanced Dermoneuromodulation Techniques

6)  Learn about the role of respiration on spine and pelvic health

7)  Learn what goes on inside the spinal cord and brain of a pain client, and what can be done to change that

8)  Learn why there is no such thing as neck pain and low back pain

 9)  Learn why manual therapists need to know current pain science

10)  Learn how to work with the client to find their drive to change.  No change happens without the client.

                                                 Dr. Jeff Rockwell




Dr Jeff Rockwell

Dr Jeff Rockwell


Dr Rockwelli is a passionate educator and continues to teach multiple seminars throughout the year.