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Dr. Brian Solofsky began private practice in 1988. He taught X-ray analysis and adjusting while on faculty at Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic. He presents continuing education workshops on Chiropractic Practice and Principals; Patient Office Procedures; Pre and post x-rays; Spinal and Extremity adjusting.


As a proficient manual adjustor, Dr. Solofsky continued on to develop a unique set of protocols that judiciously blend instruments into a traditional hands-on work flow. This synergy assists practitioners to adjust their patients using less effort and reduce wear and tear on their own bodies.

Best Sellers

Principles 2 Adjusting Streaming Course And Online Manual BUNDLE

This 13+ hour set  is taken from a  2-day seminar.  Dr. Solofsky demonstrates workflows and protocols he has developed from his years of experience integrating instruments and hands-only techniques.  His synergistic approach helps reduce the amount of effort & force that is required for manual techniques and enables practitioners to reduce ‘wear and tear’ on themselves.

As a strong advocate of pre and post x-rays, Dr. Solofsky presents case studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedures he teaches. This DVD seminar also contains patient management insights that can help enhance the efficiency of office procedures.

See below what happened when a patient turned up during a seminar!


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Dr Solofsky was interviewed by Dr William Koch DC for his excellent book “Conversations with Chiropractic Technique Masters”. See an excerpt below.

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KOCH: I agree that chiropractic should be chiropractic, based on traditional principles with a good foundation in traditional techniques. But that does not mean we cannot embrace modern technology that can enhance classical chiropractic technique. You and I both use instrument adjusting as well as adjusting “by hand.”

SOLOFSKY: Yes, Bill. Instrument adjusting plays an important role in my adjusting protocols. There are things I can do with my hands that I cannot do with adjusting instruments and there are things I can do with adjusting instruments that I cannot do with my hands.

In my seminars, Principles 2 Adjusting™, the first weekend is Principles 2 Practice™, the second weekend is Principles 2 Adjusting™ and the third weekend is Principles 2 Analysis™. When doctors complete the series, they should understand not only what needs to be done on any given patient, but how and when to do it.

Koch: My personal comments on the work of Dr. Solofsky:

While I have not yet personally attended any of Dr. Solofsky’s seminars, I have reviewed his manual and looked at some of his DVDs and can say that his work is impressive. Additionally we have many hours of animated conversation, which I found very interesting and enjoyable. While our methods differ in some aspects, for example, I do not use a drop table we do have a lot in common. Because we use the same electronic instruments and both use similar instrument adjusting and manual techniques within the framework of our individual protocol styles.

Technique Masters

Benefit from over 11 of the biggest Technique masters in Chiropractic today.


For manyu years Dr Solofsky has been the “go to” guy for, primarily,  manual adjusters to find the bridge between what they are accustomed to and the new possabilities of instrument adjusting”

– Dr Paul Lindsey DC



Seminars With Dr Solosfky

Dr Solofsky holds multiple seminars through the year depending on local health regulations. He can be contacted for seminar details by visiting www.doctorbrian.com

Dr Brian Solofsky

Dr Brian Solofsky


Dr Brian Solofsky has often been described as the manual adjusters instrument adjuster. Meaning if you are a very focussed manual adjusting Chiropractor but you’d like to know what all this buzz about the Arthrostim is then Dr Solofsky may be your way to understanding when to use manual and when to use instrument adjusting.