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“Even before I graduated I have been consulting Paul for his opinion. So much of what we have done has been modeled after Paul’s clinics and advice. He has been such an enthusiastic and helpful coach. I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of using his services.”


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Pelvic Torsion

Dr Lindsey teaches his manual, with instrument assist, Pelvic Torsion Online seminar, direct start.

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In Person Seminars From Newbie To ProLearn From The Basics To Advanced

Dr Lindsey has multiple seminars yearly; you can request one in your city. The dates are confirmed when a minimum number of students. Currently, the next seminars open for registration are in

  • Twin Falls Idaho
  • Provo Utah
  • Salem Oregon
  • Orlando Florida

Two days of intense instruction and hands-on practice. Friday 6 PM to 10 PM. Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM

What Would I Learn

This course covers from the basics of Instrument Assisted Adjusting using the Arthrostim and Vibracussor instruments to advanced usage.

  • The first steps to pro-use
  • Pelvic Torsion Technique
  • Whole Spine Treatment
  • WOW Adjustments
  • Position Of Pain Adjusting
  • Shoulder PARC WOW Adjustments
  • Knee and Foot Adjusting
  • Trigger points using Arthrostim And Vibracussor
  • Intro Fascia Work

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Dr Paul Lindsey DC - Bio

The following extract was taken , and edited into narrative form,  from an interview conducted in 2020

How It All Started

Like most Chiropractors I followed the path of the wounded healer. I had back issues since the age of 10 which resulted in many different therapies, treatments and one very long set of bed rest which lasted 8 weeks at the age of 12.

By the age of 24 I had given up on finding any relief but then I got a swift redirection when I lost my job and for the first time in a long while I got the opportunity to think “What do I want to do?”.

I was lying on the floor of my first home that I’d bought wondering how I was going to keep the house and as soon as I asked myself what I wanted to do the answer hit me straight away.

I want to be a Chiropractor. This was strange as I’d never been to a Chiropractor before I’d only seen one sign as I was living in Ireland but for some reason, I knew that is what I was meant to do. That was great but the European academic year started in 2 weeks.

Just Typical

In my typical fashion within a week I was in a different country in an interview for a coveted place at a Chiropractic University. I had applied late and they informed me that the acceptance rate was very low. They then asked why I hadn’t put any other safety colleges or courses down. I told them it’s because I only want to be a Chiropractor and I only want to do it there. They asked how soon I could get there as it started in a week. I informed them I’d already bought a house down here and moved my small family down. They kind of just seemed resigned to the fact that I was coming whether they liked it or not and accepted me on the spot. I was later informed they never did this.

The Cure?

 I had also come to the University hoping that I might be able to study my condition that had confused experts all over England and in a few years maybe I would be able to start figuring it out. That was shot down straight away as I got treated by a new final year student and the condition improved remarkably. It turned out to be a simple SI problem that had confused professors and the leaders of medicine but was easily corrected by a Chiropractic undergraduate.

The Lovable Rebel – Hopefully

I took to Chiropractic school immediately and just couldn’t wait to get my hands on people, so I may have been slightly ahead of the official rules for treating people. I love adjusting (both manual and instrument) and do it everyday and that started way back in school. This lead to more than a few run ins with professors and instructors but it was all because I was designed to be a Chiropractor and I hope they could see that. I may have been right as I was awarded the highest award in the 5 year program, the Graham Hardy memorial award, by one of the professors I’d had the most run ins with. It turns out that being a cheeky rebel may pay off.

Just Going For It

I kept the rebel spirit and decided I didn’t want anyone else telling me how to practice so I decided to set up by myself straight away from college. Therefore I bought a £350,000 building and started getting things ready. The problem was that I hadn’t passed the course yet and wouldn’t know if I had for another few weeks. Thankfully I passed and the clinic went from strength to strength until the recession!

The Obstacle Is The Way

The recession affected everyone in the Chiropractic in the UK. There is very little insurance in the UK and most practices are 100% cash. That’s obviously a problem if everyone is losing their jobs. Well, we could get bitter or we could get better. I took some mentoring with fantastic mentors (Terry and Bryn Chimes) and started to improve then I saw a plan so strongly in my mind that I had to start and that’s where the CORE of the Clinic system came from. We came up with a system that just seemed to work blending research in many diverse areas to come up with a way to show patients they are loved. I believe the number one reason for patients leaving care is “perceived lack of love or care”. The Chiropractor may care but if we don’t hit the psychological points which show people that we care then they don’t know we do.

The system worked so well we grew 300% during the recession!

Moments In History

I am a big believer that key moments in our history define the course of our lives and one of those moments happened the first time I held an Arthrostim. As soon as I held it I knew it would change the way I practiced and would open up so many areas to better treatment. I didn’t know then that I would end up Instructing for the company or being the examiner for the Arthrostim certification but I could feel its potential.

I spent so much time learning and thinking about how best to use it and it was a very key component of our huge growth during the recession.

The CORE of Your Clinic system started to evolve as I started to coach other Chiropractors and it was at this time that I started to advise our partner clinic owners of the need to acquire assets and semi-passive income sources.

Little did I know that it was more for me than for them as disaster struck.

Changing Lives

2016 at the height of the Clinic system that my wife and I had created disaster struck We had developed the system so that we could work only 2-3 days a week and also take a week every month to go abroad and pursue our passion of paragliding. It was during this time in Spain a, place where we always had our best flights, that my wife didn’t return from a flight.

I had to tell my 2 young children that there had been an accident.

You can imagine the devastation that followed over the next few months and years but thankfully the clinic systems were strong and the passive income and assets kept delivering so I was able to take a 2 year break.

In those 2 years I got married again, moved countries, had more children, got chased out of Florida by hurricane Erma and ended up living in an RV ion the street in Salem Oregon with 6 kids. I later found out that Salem Oregon is the headquarters of IMPAC Inc, the Makers of the Arthrostim which Instrument had been so important to my clinical practice. Some people call in inate, some people call it destiny or Gods influence but I couldn’t help but feel that this journey, as turbulant as it was, was designed to get me here to work with the Instrument that I love.

This extract was taken ,and edited into narrative form,  from an interview conducted in 2020

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