I Can’t Log In? (I’ve Forgotten My Username Or Password)

Before we get into solving this, the most common errors we see are that the “caps lock” is left on. These passwords are case-sensitive, meaning you can’t have capital letters in places where they aren’t, so make sure the caps lock is turned off.

The second most common error is that you’ve forgotten your password, we’ve all done it.

If you are having trouble remembering your password, this can be sent to you using the following links, depending on which site you bought the course.

To get reminded of your password for the Course Sampler, which comes free with all new Arthrostim purchases, or for all courses bought on InstantChiro.com, please go to:


If you have forgotten your Arthrostim.store password then please visit:


Please check your SPAM folder to find the reset emails or search your email for instantchiro.com or Arthrostim.store to find them if you think you haven’t received them.

It’s also worth noting that your username is most likely the email address you used at signup.

And lastly, sometimes we sign up with a different email than our main one. Try some of your other emails, or if that doesn’t work sometimes, we misspell the email when we signed up, which can be an issue. If that is the case, then please use the “contact us” form below.

If any of the above doesn’t solve your problem, or this email doesn’t address your specific situation, then please feel free to contact us on the “contact us” form.



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