My Course Is Missing?

If you are having a problem accessing a course, it is sometimes because they have been purchased on different sites, so let’s go through some options.

If you bought an Arthrostim or Vibracussor online at and purchased a course at the same time, then the courses can be accessed with the same username and password you created at the checkout by going to then clicking on “Courses” Then “My Account/Courses” in the menu.

If you are trying to access the product sampler that came free with your Arthrostim, there is a QR code on the front of the manual that comes with your Arthrostim, which takes you to and applies a coupon to make the course free. At the checkout, you will create a username and password. This course sampler is accessible by going to, hovering over the menu item “Courses” and then clicking “My Courses” and using the username and password you set up on the sampler checkout. Please note that this may differ from your username and password.

If you bought your course at, then your course can be accessed by going to, hovering over the “courses” menu item, and then clicking “My Courses”. You can then use your username and password, which you set up at the checkout, to access your courses.

If any of the above doesn’t solve your problem, or this email doesn’t address your specific situation, then please feel free to contact us on the “contact us” form.



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