CE Credit Chiropractic Course

Scientific Neurological Assessment  Session 1 Part 4

Dr Paul Lindsey Chiropractic Instrument Technique Instructor For the Arthrostim Chiropractic Instrument

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What Does It Cover

Learn How To Muscle Test And Use Postural Analysis Scientifically


  • Learn to detect spinal fixations through various diagnostic techniques.
  • Learn effective treatment methods to alleviate spinal fixations.
  • Learn the significance of aerobic and anaerobic testing in patient assessment.
  • Learn Correct Reactive Muscle Issues
  • Various testing techniques are introduced
  • Myofascial trigger points are discussed along with treatment options

Educational Objectives:

  • Students will understand what spinal fixations are and their impact on the body.
  • Students will Recognize the significance of aerobic and anaerobic testing in patient assessment.
  • Students will understand the concept of reactive muscles and their interactions.
  • Students will learn how to apply corrective techniques to resolve these issues.

Course Information

The course small print:

Prerequisites: The person taking the course would need to be a registered Chiropractor in the area where they are working


  • Dr Eugene Charles DC
  • Author of multiple books
  • Multiple published articles
  • Multiple seminars taught
  • Instructor at multiple in-person and online seminars

Credit Hours

  • The course duration with the videos, manual and work book is 3 hours

Teaching Methods

  • Lessons are taught through the medium of video, Manual and workbook
  • Practical practice is expected.

Equipment needed

  • Ideally, the candidate will have access to a Chiropractic table and a person on whom they can practice
  • A computer, modern smartphone or tablet is required to view the course

Dr Charles Scientific Neurological Assessment  Part 4

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