Sometimes in life we have to deal with something that we don’t want to. We don’t enjoy paying the gas bill, but we have to pay  it. We can’t hide from it forever and there are consequences to avoiding it. It’s the same with Covid. We may think it’s over hyped, we may be terrified of it, but either way we need to deal with it as Chiropractors and this leads to a multifaceted problem. Over the next few weeks we will be dealing with steps that could be taken to make working in a Covid world bearable, sustainable and dare  we say profitable. This first week we are dealing with an easy solution to a lot of regulatory and governmental oversight problems.

A photo of adapters from IMPAC Inc's Arthrostim Chiropractic instrument adjusting tool.


I’m going to mention products from IMPAC Inc and I’m sometimes contracted by them for video, websites, media and as a trainer. I do a lot of work for them so letting you know in advance. If you have followed me at all before though you know I’ve been recomending thier products for over 10 years and way before I happened to be stranded in America.

an Arthrostim instrument vai


When you are talking about the “why’s” of instrument adjusting you can get carried away with the benefits and not being quite specific about the benefits in the Covid world. The general why’s can be listed below:

  • Patients Love It
  • Extends Practice Life
  • Reduces Chiropractor Injury
  • Can Adjust Through Range Of Motion (Some Instruments).
  • Can Adjust In Posistion Of Pain


Speaking Covidically there is a a great benefit in the eyes of regulators to use instrument adjusting. It is far easier to “convince” regulators of the easiness of disinfection when utilizing instrument adjusting. To put it simply it is easier to disinfect a plastic ball that to disinfect hands and underneath finger nails.

a Chiropractors hand next to an Arthrostim adapter used for instrument adjusting.

In this insanity that is present at the moment, that  is what matters. The ability to convince someone that what you do is essential AND safe. To do that we need to come up with a convincing argument and also show how we have changed our practice to meet some ever changing standards. Instrument adjusting might just be that way. We can show how Covid does not stay on surfaces long and we have tools made out of the same material that was proven in the studies avaiable to us. 

Going to a regulator with scientific proof that what we touch the patient with has been shown to be safe combined with social distancing is mostly all we need to do to be allowed to reopen. Well that in line with social distancing and that is covered in our next post. How using the 3 room system available from can satisfy most regulators concerns.

The Arthrostim Chiropractic tool is available from the official Arthrostim store at