Dr. Brian Solofsky began private practice in 1988. He taught X-ray analysis and adjusting while on faculty at Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic. He presents continuing education workshops on Chiropractic Practice and Principals; Patient Office Procedures; Pre and post x-rays; Spinal and Extremity adjusting.

As a proficient manual adjustor, Dr. Solofsky continued on to develop a unique set of protocols that judiciously blend instruments into a traditional hands-on work flow. This synergy assists practitioners to adjust their patients using less effort and reduce wear and tear on their own bodies.

Module 1 Manual
Unit 1 Introduction and Video
Unit 2 Intro Information
Unit 3 Adjusting Posistions
Unit 4 Case Studies
Unit 5 Abbreviations and Terminology
Unit 6 Lines of Correction
Unit 7 Determining Listings
Unit 8 Taking the X-rays
Unit 9 Tools for Analyzing X-rays
Unit 10 X-ray Line Analysis
Unit 11 ArthroStim and VibroCussor and Attachments
Unit 12 Standard Contacts
Unit 13 Alternative Hand Placement
Unit 14 Establishing a protocol
Unit 15 Health Zones Segmental
Unit 16 Health Zones Muscles
Unit 17 Explanation of Health Zones
Unit 18 Occipital Region
Unit 19 Cervical Spine
Unit 20 Restoring the Cervical Curve
Unit 21 Results
Unit 22 Double VibroCussor Cervical
Unit 23 Thoracic Spine
Unit 24 First Rib
Unit 25 Ribs
Unit 26 Coccyx
Unit 27 TMJ
Unit 28 Lumbar Spine
Unit 29 Pelvic and Sacrum
Unit 30 Hand and Wrist
Unit 31 Elbow
Unit 32 Shoulder
Unit 33 Foot
Unit 34 Ankle
Unit 35 Knee
Unit 36 Hip
Unit 37 Condyle Lift
Unit 38 Cranial -- Sacral
Unit 39 Ganglion Cyst
Unit 40 Hemorrhoids
Unit 41 Hiatal Hernia
Unit 42 Hot Low Back Disc
Unit 43 Logan Basic
Unit 44 Scoliosis
Unit 45 Sinus Congestion
Unit 46 Trigger or Pressure Points
Unit 47 Varicose Veins
Unit 48 Webster Breach Technique
Unit 49 Dual Instrument Techniques