This Manual is designed for enhanced functional capacity.

The adjusting processes described are designed to enhance functional capacity: Working with what a patient’s architectural and neurological deficiencies are, as they pertain to the disposition and conditions of the discs, vertebrae, and nerves.

Addressing muscular and neurological orientation provides the body for better motion and movement with less pain and discomfort.

Structure dictates function, and function is the predicate structure. As in the key has to fit the lock.

There is a myriad of functional and dysfunctional configurations that the spine, sacrum, and ilia adapt to, due to internal and external environmental factors.

The spine is a single unit, with functional moving parts that have a specific order. When that order is interrupted, mechanical, structural, physiological and neurological components will be affected. Symptoms of dysfunction are the products of these events.

Using our assessment and adjusting abilities, we are supporting the body to reconfigure itself into a more adaptive structural and functional system.

Module 1Neuro Spinal Biomechanics for Instrument Adjusting
Unit 1Neuro Spinal Biomechanics for Instrument Adjusting