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Covid and Chiropractic clinics. Instrument adjusting with the Arthrostim


COVID, CHIROPRACTIC AND CARE Sometimes in life we have to deal with something that we don’t want to. We don’t ...

Arthrostim Chiropractic Instrument From IMPAC Inc Announcement.

As you all know I am a big fan of IMPAC Inc Chiropractic instruments and adjusting tools and the company ...

1 Weird Trick To Help YOU Not Quit Chiropractic

1 Weird Trick To Help YOU Not Quit Chiropractic 53% of Americans are unhappy at work. That is a shocking ...

Censoring Chiropractic – Is It 1984 Yet?

I had committed a crime, a crime that required that I give up my name, address and phone number as ...

Why Patients Leave – Part 3 Cash Cash Cash

I have 6 kids! Yep that’s right, apparently I don’t like sleep or money because 6 kids get rid of ...

Chiropractor’s! Why patients leave and success – Crossover episode

Chiropractor's! Why patients leave and success - Crossover episode In the spirit of comic books, TV shows, and super hero ...

Chiropractors don’t follow research.

I left this title very ambiguous for a few reasons. Sometimes I am saying Chiropractors shouldn't follow research (I'll give ...

Increase revenue 30% Chiropractic clinic

Success Depends On Other People - Part 2 Previously on This is part 2 of our "Success Depends on ...

Success depends on other people – part 1

"Success depends on other people" - David Schwartz (The Magic Of Thinking Big) Our success as Chiropractors depends on other ...

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