Quantum Neurology Advanced Hip



Advanced Hip

Regardless of your patients age or physical ability, a hip injury can devastate their health and quality of life. Considering the diversity of hip movement Dr. Gonzalez expands on the hip correction presented in the “lumbar & Hip” DVD. This title focuses on the evaluation of the hip inside laying, seated and standing positions. Each position reveals dysfunction associated to the physical stress related to the body’s position against gravity and added physical resistance. This sequence of hip evaluations and corrections is a great tool that will stabilize the hip, activate a higher level of femur acetabulum movement and control.

Dr. Gonzalez

is the founder of QUANTUM NEUROLOGY® Nervous System Rehabilitation. He was motivated to research and develop unique rehabilitation techniques after his wife suffered a moderate spinal cord injury.

The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught to doctors, step by step, through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation. The seminars and instructional DVDs are available exclusively to licensed practitioners who are certified to diagnose.

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