Chiropractic Courses with instrument adjusting

Free Chiropractic Courses From Dr Paul Lindsey DC

Free Chiropractic Courses

Free Chiropractic training videos streaming online. Courtesy of IMPAC Inc makers of the Arthrostim.

Instrument Adjusting

Upgrade your instrument adjusting skills, or learn for the first time.

Technique Masters

See all the Chiropractic courses on offer by our Technique Masters.

Free Courses

Try us out by getting free mini-courses courtesy of IMPAC Inc (makers of the Arthrostim)

Manual Adjusting

Mix manual and instrument adjusting or just upgrade your manual adjusting skills.

#1 Arthrostim
Special Pricing

The Impac Arthrostim Pro-Comprehensive Kit can be used for nearly all your Chiropractic clinic encounters and for all of the over 20 technique systems that use the Arthrostim. Available on 6 months interest-free. An excellent Chiropractic tool kit for manual with instrument assisted adjusting.

4 Year Warranty
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
95% would recommend
Real Toggle Recoil

Toggle is so important to chiropractic. Have toggle on demand for multiple joints and joint collections. See why the Arthrostim uses real toggle unlike competitors "hammer and anvil" mechanism.

Adjust Through Range Of Motion

Do something different today. Adjust through the range of motion and see those wow changes today in your clinic.

20+ Adapters

Over 20 adapters to suit your style, patient and creativity.

#2 Vibracussor
In Stock
Apple Watch
#2 Vibracussor
Special Pricing

The industry leading soft tissue and fascia percussion tool. Used in countless Chiropractic offices to affect the the structures that torsion the joints. This Kit comes with options that will allow you to address the majority of your patients conditions.

4 Year Warranty
97% would recommend
90 Day money Back Guarantee

Deep, controlable percussion.


The Fascia exerts 200lb’s of force on your structure. Affect the reason your adjustments don’t hold

Soft Tissue Master

Work the soft tissues in a more powerful way by using your skills and feel to apply the correction.

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