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CBP – Module 2: Drop Table Adjusting & Module 15: Scoliosis Bracing – November 17-19, 2023

November 17 - November 19

This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the science and art of understanding, evaluating, and management of scoliotic deformities in adolescents and adults. The link between genetic triggers, biomechanical growth modulation, environmental risks, and age development will be explained as they relate to scoliotic deformities. Categories of scoliosis will be explained with emphasis on understanding risk factors for curve progression in both adolescent and adult scoliotic deformities. The details of conservative management of scoliotic deformities are a major emphasis of this conference where new flexible and rigid bracing concepts and devices as well a rehabilitative procedures will b thoroughly explored. Evaluation of important curve variables as well as outcome assessments will be used to determine conservative management strategies and successful intervention. The details of case management using conservative bracing, adjusting, and rehabilitative methods will be covered using a variety of case studies for a comprehensive picture of clinical application of this course material.

  • Scoliosis Indications for Bracing & Co-Management Referral Consultation
  • The Mirror Image Bracing Concept

This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the science and art of spine, posture, and lower extremity disorders. The total permutations of abnormal posture using formulas from probability theory will be delineated and a literature review on postural displacements as they correlate to patient conditions will be provided. The details of objective postural assessment and measurement will be reviewed. The Chiropractor will learn corrective global postural subluxation set-ups for the head, thoracic cage, & pelvis on a drop table. To provide diagnosis, analysis and course of care for short leg syndrome and lower extremity disorders. A survey of research material will be reviewed supporting the utilization and efficacy of Chiropractic Biophysics drop table technique treatment methods across a population of patient with chronic pain conditions.

  • Objective Measurements of Postural Displacements
  • Comprehensive CBP Drop Table set-ups with Biomechanical Principles

◈ $50 fee for Continuing Education Certificate – Not included with Seminar Fee

◈ Up to 18 hours available for Chiropractic

States Applied To (approval pending):

➢ Alabama – AL

➢ Arkansas – AR

➢ Colorado – CO

➢ Connecticut – CT

➢ Delaware – DE

➢ District of Columbia – DC

➢ Florida – FL

➢ Georgia – GA

➢ Iowa – IA

➢ Idaho – ID

➢ Illinois – IL

➢ Indiana – IN

➢ Louisiana – LA

➢ Massachusetts – MA

➢ Maryland – MD

➢ Michigan – MI

➢ Mississippi – MS

➢ Missouri – MO

➢ Montana – MT

➢ North Carolina – NC

➢ Nebraska – NE

➢ New Hampshire – NH

➢ New Jersey – NJ

➢ New York – NY

➢ Ohio – OH

➢ Oregon – OR

➢ Pennsylvania – PA

➢ Rhode Island – RI

➢ South Carolina – SC

➢ Tennessee – TN

➢ Texas – TX

➢ Utah – UT

➢ Virginia – VA

➢ Vermont – VT

➢ Washington – WA

➢ Wyoming – WY

DISCLAIMER FOR THE STATE OF MISSOURI: Approval of this course is not acknowledgment or ruling by the Board that the methods taught in this course are recognized and approved by the Board as the appropriate practice of chiropractic as defined in Section 331.010, RSMo.


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Atlanta, GA 30328 United States
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