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A 1967 cum laude Palmer graduate, my first quarter at Palmer was 59 years ago. Over almost 6 decades I’ve been privileged to have studied and worked with many of our profession’s best and brightest: Clarence Gonstead, Burl Pettibon, Clay Thompson, Major DeJarnette, Bill Blair, James Cox, Don Harrison, Michael Kale, Doug and Alex Cox, Alan Creed, John Amaro, George Gonzalez, Eugene Charles, Jeff Rockwell and Dennis Woggon.

Over the past 56 years I have had four successful practices. I began practice in The Hamptons in 1967 and became one of the most successful DCs on Long Island. I then added a second practice aboard a custombuilt yacht, The Coastal Chiropractor which was berthed near my home on Shelter Island. My patients on the island loved the onboard office and dockside waiting room, and this second practice thrived.

Eventually, I sailed the Coastal Chiropractor down the coast and to the Bahamas where I established my third very successful practice in the Abaco out islands, reinventing myself as The OutIsland Chiropractor.

In 2016 I started my fourth practice in Mount Dora, Florida, which has grown to be a very successful and rewarding, part-time practice, keeping me as busy as I want to be in my 56th year as a chiropractor.

Perhaps the most important bit of news is that I am 78 years old, still in practice and I still love what I do!

Now, wanting to give back to the profession I love, I have expanded my outreach beyond my chiropractic practice to writing and teaching other chiropractors about advanced techniques in patient focused, results driven, chiropractic healthcare.

So that I may share the knowledge and experience I have gained over more than a half century as a chiropractor, I have developed a unique course curriculum: The Koch Advanced, Integrated, Chiropractic Technique Protocols for Functional, Whole-Body Chiropractic. It is a simple, effective, no-nonsense, hands-on 3 day course. Each live class is limited to only six doctors and includes my text Koch Protocols for Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques. My unique “See-It, Feel-It, Do-It” teaching method means that each doctor is also a patient, getting to “feel” how the Koch Evaluation and Treatment Protocols work.

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A Dedication to Excellence

Something else I want to share is my belief in excellence and professionalism.

I have always had a dedication to excellence and it has served me well.

In October of 1963, during my first quarter at Palmer, I was so inspired that I made a pledge to myself to become the best chiropractor I could possibly be. I was determined that none of my patients would ever have to travel across town or across country to get the care that I should be able to provide for them.

I took to heart the words of my professor, Dr. Galen Price, who said, “As a chiropractor you offer a service to humanity that no other doctor can provide.” He also told us “You should never allow a patient to leave your office until you are confident that you have done the very best you possibly could do for them that day.”

I am still guided by those principles and have remained true to the pledge I made to myself 52 years ago as I began my chiropractic adventure.

Do you want to just be an okay chiropractor? Or do you want to be the very best you can be? No one remembers Alexander the Okay. But everyone remembers Alexander the Great.

If you practice with a dedication to excellence, you will be able to draw patients, not just from the 15 % of the population who are “chiropractic patients” but from a much larger pool.

Be THE DOCTOR everyone is talking about. The one people want to see. Be the one whose patients say “My doctor is The Best.”

To Stand Out You Must Be Outstanding

To Stand Out you must be Outstanding. To be truly successful, you must deliver on the promise, be confident in your work and enjoy doing it.

To be confident you have to “know that you know what you are supposed to know.” And not just in your head. Not just from the books, but in practice. Your hands and body need to be well rehearsed, like a great athlete. You need to be so familiar with your technique, so practiced at it, that you could do it in your sleep. That is what makes a winner, a superstar. And that is the foundation of your confidence.

When you have that, your patients will trust that you know what you are doing and will confidently place themselves in your hands. And they will stay the course. They will have had a positive experience and will leave knowing that something good has been done for them.

Competence builds confidence. When you are confident in your abilities your patients will sense it and they will know they have come to the right doctor. And they will tell their friends and families. That is how to organically grow your practice. By being the best that you can be.

I have never advertised for patients. Yet I have always had a busy cash practice. I have never accepted insurance assignment. I get great results and provide the kind of care people are willing to pay for. My four practices have been built strictly through personal referrals. My patients have always done my advertising for me.

People come to me not because I am a chiropractor, but because I am Dr. Koch. My name is known, I am the doctor who gets results that others don’t. I am the one who stands out from the crowd, the one people talk about enthusiastically and recommend to their friends and family.

And that is what I want for you. That is how I want people to talk about you. If I can help you do that I will feel fulfilled.

The best thing I can do at this phase of my career is to share with you my knowledge and experience. So that by extension, through you, I can help many more people than I could ever do with my two hands. And at the same time, I can help you to be the very best that you can be. That is my goal here.

I want you, your future work, successful careers and the multitudes of people you help to be part of my legacy, my contribution to the profession. This profession has given so much to me, now I would like to give back to the profession by sharing what I know with all of you.

A Full Adjustment As Taught In The Seminar

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A rare opportunity to learn from Dr. Koch in 2024

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“Dr. Koch and Kiana are amazing people. I found the clinical material to be very useful, relevant, and was able to use a lot of the techniques in practice the following week. Dr. Koch is a wealth of knowledge and has a lot to offer. Thank you both for a great seminar and I look forward to the next one!”

– Dr. Samuel Kranz –


Seminar With Dr William

The objective of my teaching is to provide chiropractors, those new to practice as well as the more experienced, with the kind of program I would have been excited to attend.

Some of the doctors who have attended have been in practice for as long as 35 years and were feeling the effects on their bodies.  They were hoping to learn techniques that would be physically easier on them, while getting better results for happier patients. Which is exactly what the Koch Protocols is all about.

We also show doctors how using instrument assisted advanced techniques that achieve superior results helps those who want to transition from insurance to a cash practice.

The Koch Protocols for Integrated Advanced Chiropractic Techniques seminar excels at teaching how to do this for a ChiroPractice Made Perfect!

My protocols eliminate the repetitive motion stress and strain on the doctors’ bodies, allowing them to extend their careers rather than feeling forced to quit for the sake of their own health.

My protocols consist of a number of advanced techniques, most of which can be done with the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® electronic instruments by Impac, Inc.

The important thing is that my examination and correction procedures wow the patients with results they can see and feel immediately.  The Koch Protocols get quick results that patients recognize and are happy to pay for out of pocket.  They also are eager to refer their family and friends.

All of my patients come to me as referrals from happy patients and other professionals.  They know in advance I do not take insurance or process insurance forms. They come to me knowing that I am “different.”  That is why they come to me.  Because I am different. They are tired of the “same old, same old.”

Most every new patient I get has made the rounds of other DCs, MDs, and PTs.  Many have had failed back surgeries. They come frustrated with their previous care and many have despaired of ever finding real help.  Thankfully, I help the vast majority of them and it is very rewarding to be able to do that.

I want the doctors I instruct to experience the joy of true exceptionalism and the rewards it brings, while extending their careers without hurting themselves. That’s a win for both doctor and patient.

Kiana and I are already looking forward to our next Koch Protocols Seminar.  We would love to have you join us for a unique practice experience.

To learn more please call Kiana at 352-729-2678.  Or email [email protected]

Dr William Koch

Dr William Koch