What to Do When Your Associate Leaves

There comes a time to all of us when unexpectedly an associate leaves. This course takes you through the six necessary steps to:

Take Stock of were you are financially and were you need to be

Minimise the damage both financially and emotionally.

See and gain the positives of this change.

See and implement the changes that will make the situation better.

How to start again after you get another associate and get your systems working better.

Interactive google doc module to assist in working your finances and hours to accommodate the new reality at minimal disruption to you.

Template advert for searching for another associate with guidelines on how to do it.

Dr Paul Lindsey has spent over a decade helping Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists achieve their ideal clinic and family environments. His experience over multiple clinics helps show clearly which way to go when all seems difficult.

The most common response for his coaching clients testimonials is:

“He gave me my life back”