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Online Chiropractic techniques from Dr Paul Lindsey DC. Live stream technique videos, Chiropractic seminars and instructional DVD's.

Pre-Order The New Pelvic Torsion Master Class Learn: The 4 releases of the pelvis How to Increase the prone straight leg raise in one visit How to increase function and decrease pain How to use…

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There comes a time to all of us when unexpectedly an associate leaves. This course takes you through the six necessary steps.

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Give us a try for $15 (or even FREE if used with the code "impac") and learn the Cervical Extension and Flexion Adjustments, arguably one of the biggest “wow” adjustments and practice builders for your…

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In this course you will learn a powerful adjustment for the whole cervical spine called "The Occipital Lift". This in depth course will show you how to perform this adjustment with line of drive, multiple…

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See how with small changes and a little capital you can double the profitability of each hour in your clinic by utilising a 3 room system whilst giving patients what they want (time) and you…

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Give us a try for $15 and leant the Cervical Rotary Arthrostim Adjustment, arguably one of the biggest wow adjustments and practice builders for your clinic.

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