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Module 1Introduction to the Arthrostim - (Plus Members)
Unit 1What is an Arthrostim and how does it work? 
Module 2Original Product Manuals And Videos - (Plus Members)
Unit 1Arthrostim Video Manual 
Unit 2The Arthrostim Manual 
Unit 3The Vibrocussor Video Manual 
Unit 4The Vibrocussor Manual 
Module 3Cervical Rotation Arthrostim Adjustment - (Plus Members)
Unit 1Cervical Rotary Arthrostim Adjustment 
Module 4Cervical Flexion and Extension Arthrostim Adjustment - (Plus Members)
Unit 1Cervical Extension and Flexion Arthrostim Adjustments 
Module 5Make the most of the Arthrostim With the 3 Room System - (Plus Members)
Unit 1Introduction to the 3 room system 
Unit 2Why 3 Rooms? 
Unit 3An hour inside a 3 room system clinic 
Module 6Principles 2 Adjusting Videos
Unit 1Section 1 
Unit 2Section 2 
Unit 3Section 3 
Unit 4Section 4 
Unit 5Section 5 
Unit 6Section 6 
Unit 7Section 7 
Unit 8Section 8 
Unit 9Section 9 
Unit 10Section 10