Dr. Rockwell demonstrates how to locate and treat the most common source of chronic pain: myofascial trigger points.

This 2 DVD set -1 hr & 52 minutes - includes "Instrument Assisted Trigger Point Therapy of the: Upper Body (56 min); Lower Body (56 min).

The Upper Body DVD contains 34 chapters and the Lower Body DVD contains 30 chapters. The multiple chapter design permits fast, easy reference to specific muscles. Each DVD is accompanied by a booklet containing notes and insights about working with specific areas of the body.

$110.00 for the full 2 DVD Set & Booklet

Module 1 Instrument Assisted Trigger Point Therapy
Unit 1 DVD 1 Trigger Point Therapy
Unit 2 DVD 2 Trigger Point Therapy
Unit 3 Upper Body Manual
Unit 4 Manual Lower body