3 Easy Steps Series (5 DVDs)
Dr. Rockwell demonstrates how to go about resolving common musculo-skeletal complaints with the the VibraCussor instrument. This series is considered to be the 'foundational' set of DVDs for the VibraCussor.

The 5 DVD set - 2 1/2 hrs - includes: Shoulder; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; T.M.J.D.; Knee & Ankle; Hip & Pelvis. Each DVD is approximately 1/2 hour long.

Module 1TMJ
Unit 1TMJ Dr Jeff Rockwell 
Unit 2Shoulder Dr Jeff Rockwell DC 
Unit 3Carpal Tunnel Dr Jeff Rockwell 
Unit 4Hip And Pelvis Dr Jeff Rockwell 
Unit 5Knee and Ankle Dr Jeff Rockwell DC