3 Easy Steps Series (5 DVDs)
Dr. Rockwell demonstrates how to go about resolving common musculo-skeletal complaints with the the VibraCussor instrument. This series is considered to be the 'foundational' set of DVDs for the VibraCussor.

The 5 DVD set - 2 1/2 hrs - includes: Shoulder; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; T.M.J.D.; Knee & Ankle; Hip & Pelvis. Each DVD is approximately 1/2 hour long.

Module 1 TMJ
Unit 1 TMJ Dr Jeff Rockwell
Unit 2 Shoulder Dr Jeff Rockwell DC
Unit 3 Carpal Tunnel Dr Jeff Rockwell
Unit 4 Hip And Pelvis Dr Jeff Rockwell
Unit 5 Knee and Ankle Dr Jeff Rockwell DC