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Learn Anywhere
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Trying to fit a seminar in is so 2019! Learn wherever you are. As long as you have a signal and a web enabled device, you can take your skills to the next level.

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Most countries, and some states, allow for online self accreditation or "learning with others". Our completed courses come with a self printing certificate of completion (after exam). Check with your state to see if online courses count towards your continuing education.

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We've all been to uplifting and life changing seminars that we think will change our lives. Then within a few weeks we haven't implemented the new techniques or practice management. Make the most of your learning potential by having your courses in the members area for life. Rewatch and make those changes.

Occipital Lift
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Occipital Lift Adjustment

Learn the Occipital Lift practice changing adjustment for FREE

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Unlocking Scoliosis

Dr Creed shows his techniques for treating Scoliosis.

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5 Minute Fix - Shoulder

Learn Dr Gonzalez practice changing shoulder adjustment. Become your areas Shoulder referral center.




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